Nov 23, 2016

Economic Journal

Editorial Feature on Economic Journal

A full page editorial feature/ Profile on my life as a young composer..​

Nov 13, 2016

RTHK Radio 4

RTHK Radio 4 Interview with Nancy Loo

An hour-long radio feature interview in Chinese with Nancy Loo about my story, with mom !


"Children's Corner 親親童樂日"

Nov 07, 2016

RTHK Radio 3 香港電台

Radio Interview with Phil Whalen

West Kowloon Choreographer X Composer New Works Forum  promotion

"After 11.30 we're joined by super successful Hong Kong born composer Ian Ng, who will tell us about his latest works and how he's sharing his music around Asia at the moment.. (9:30am-1pm, email )"


Aug 13, 2016

Rede Amazonas

Com casa cheia, Marcelo Mourão se apresenta no Teatro Amazonas


O grupo de músicos regido por Marcelo de Jesus interpretou composições de nomes como Igor Stravinsky, Frederic Chopin, Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky, Ian Ng e Sergei Prokofiev.

Aug 10, 2016

Dance Cube Web Magazine

Ballet Old and New

(Translated from Japanese)

"... Dancing to Ian Ng's music with the violin and piano and placing the melody played by the string finely, it simultaneously shows a big movement. It resonated with the two bodies of a man and a woman and made me feel a strange connection. It was a unique work..."

Jun 30, 2016

Hong Kong Government News

"Endless Journey" Press Release

"Endless Journey" to showcase talents of more than 30 local musicians and dance artists.

May 26, 2016

University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Gillian Murphy Scholarship Fund Performance Press Release

Copeland and Hoven danced "Toccare," choreographed by Gomes to music by Ian Ng"


Nov 02, 2015

RTHK Radio 3 香港電台

Radio Interview with Phil Whalen

Die Konzertisten choral premiere promotion

"To wrap up a music morning, we welcome back rising star composer Ian Ng, who's doing great things in the world of ballet in New York. (9:30am-1pm, email )"


Oct 27, 2015

RTHK Radio 4 香港電台

Radio Interview with Kathy Lam

Die Konzertisten choral premiere promotion at RTHK Radio 4


Die Konzertisten「當代合唱作品展」


Apr 27, 2015

Financial Times

"Equal" review

"... Ian Ng’s Equal, where a series of seemingly disconnected fits and starts soon revealed a solid rhythmic grounding."

~ Ken Smith


Fine Magazine

Fine Music - Report on RTHK live discussion

Fine Music - report on RTHK live discussion during my residency at 2015 The Intimacy of Creativity (p.6)

Fine Magazine - RTHK 4


Apr 30, 2015

RTHK Radio 4 香港電台

Live open discussion of Ian Ng's "Equal" – The Intimacy Of Creativity 2015

Live open discussion and live performance of Ian Ng's "Equal" – The Intimacy Of Creativity 2015

Host: Jonathan Douglas

Violin I: Sarah Silver
Violin II: Samantha Bennett


Feb 24, 2015


Video Interview with ConEdison Music

Ian Ng, 2014-15 EtM Con Edison Composer-in-Residence at The Filomen M. D'Agostino Greenberg Music School at Lighthouse Guild, talks about his experiences as a composer and the importance of having a space to create.


Apr 28, 2015

RTHK Radio 3 香港電台

Radio Interview with Phil Whalen

Ian Ng – The Intimacy Of Creativity 2015

"...after 12.00, with super successful Hong Kong born composer Ian Ng, who will tell us about his involvement in The Intimacy Of Creativity 2015 and his stunning composition for the American Ballet "


Apr 28, 2015

RTHK Radio 4 香港電台

RTHK Radio 4 interview with Kathy Lam

Arts News 

Interview with Kathy Lam on my return to Hong Kong as a participant in the 2015 Bright Sheng Partnership


Apr 07, 2015

Interlude Magazine

Feature Interview with Interlude online Magazine

"Where do you usually find inspiration for your works?

New York City is my main source of inspiration. The city is always evolving and I have new discoveries almost every day. I go to city parks, sit in cute cafés, walk around different neighborhoods and best of all, going to the theater, whether it’s opera, ballet, concerts, Broadway etc. "

by Stephanie Ip


Feb 05, 2015

South China Morning Post

Arts boom at HKUST sees 1,600 students study music

" Ian Ng, the only Hong Kong-born composer among the final six, said he had followed Sheng’s proposal to cut his last year work ?for two violins, Equal, from 11 ?to eight minutes. He said he ?also welcomed criticism from amateurs.

“To me, music should be perceived in the most natural way, so for people without music training, their response should be very organic, and I look forward to knowing how they feel about my music,” said the 27-year-old, who is based in New York...."

Oliver Chou

Feb 04, 2015

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

HKUST Presents Fifth Anniversary Season of Internationally-Acclaimed Exploration of Creativity!

"....After receiving applications from over 40 countries to The Intimacy of Creativity call-for-scores, six talented Composer Fellows have been selected to join our renowned guests: David Hertzberg (USA); Ruben Naeff (Netherlands); Clint Needham (USA); Ian Ng (Hong Kong); Scott Ordway (USA); Wang A-Mao (China)....."


Anita Lam


Nov 24, 2014

New York Times

High-Kicking Displays of Athleticism and Flash Complexions Contemporary Ballet at the Joyce Theater

“Igual” reads as a pleasant but unremarkable ditty, despite Ian Ng’s invigorating score for two violins, played live by Tessa Lark and Charles Yang. "



Aug 13, 2014

Exploring the Metropolis

2014-15 EtM Con Edison Composers-in-Residence

"We are thrilled to announce the 2014-15 EtM Con Edison Resident Composers. Each composer will receive three months of residency space in a cultural facility in his/her borough of residence in addition to a $1250 stipend. The composer and host facility will also collaborate on presenting a public program for the community as the culmination of the residency." David Johnson

Ian Ng

The Filomen M. D’Agostino Greenberg Music School 

at Lighthouse Guild International

Jul 21, 2014

"Igual" review on

""Gomes also choreographed the premiere of "Igual," which means "equal" in Gomes' native Portuguese. Four members of Complexions Contemporary Ballet performed the intricate choreography that showcased their masterful technique and stamina. The number included an original score by Ian Ng, the first time a composition for a ballet has premiered at FIDF.""

Jul 22, 2014

Out Magazine

"Igual" Review on Out Magazine

""Igual, choreographed by Gomes (it means “equal” in his native Portuguese) was commissioned by the festival, and was performed by four members of Complexions Contemporary Ballet. It takes inspiration from the marriage equality movement, whose astonishing progress was echoed in Ian Ng’s propulsive original score.""


Classical TV

Feature Interview with Classical TV

"From backstage at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, a rehearsal run-through of composer Ian Ng’s violin duo, Equal, with violinists Tessa Lark and Charles Yang. Ng’s Equal is the score for Marcelo Gomes’s dance work, Igual, to premiere at the Fire Island Dance Festival."

- Stephen Greco

Jul 17, 2014

New York Times

New York Times mention !

"Mr. Gomes and his dancers worked through some knotty partnering and counted the intricate rhythms of the composer Ian Ng’s original score for two violins" ..... Brian Schaefer 

New York Times

Official Fire Island Dance Festival Press release

"Complexions Contemporary Ballet, known for its aesthetically dynamic multicultural style, premiering a piece choreographed by Marcelo Gomes with an original score by Ian Ng"

Jul 11, 2014

Fire Island Dance Festival Press

"Complexions Contemporary Ballet (a piece choreographed by Marcelo Gomes with an original score by Ian Ng)"

Jul 08, 2014

Tai Kun Pao

Editorial Feature on Tai Kun Pao

An Editorial feature on my life as a young composer..

Apr 25, 2014

Local Daily News

Editorial Feature on Local News DailyCopy Of -Editorial Feature on Tai Kun Pao

An editorial in Chinese on my upbringing and struggle as an emerging composer in New York City.

Mar 25, 2014

South China Morning Post

Rave Review by the South China Morning Post

"Ng's An Occasional Fretful Stamping of Hooves for piano solo (Melody Chung) was the most successful piece of the evening, begging to be heard again, not least for its attractive contrapuntal features..." 

Sam Olluver​

RTHK Radio 4

RTHK Radio 4 Interview with Nancy Loo

An hour-long radio feature interview in Chinese with Nancy Loo about my story, music and my love for New York, New York !
Sam Olluver​

RTHK Radio 3

RTHK Radio 3 Interview on Morning Brew with Phil Whalen

RTHK Radio 3 Interview with Phil Whalen

"Super talented composer, Ian Ng, who now lives in the States, returns to premier a brand new piano piece at the HK Arts Festival"

Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra Website

Brooklyn Symphony Announces Major Move

"One of Brooklyn’s oldest, most prestigious performing groups, the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, is celebrating its 40th Anniversary Season with big plans....

Each of the five concerts will include a work by a composer with a Brooklyn connection. Ian Ng, a young native of Hong Kong now working in Brooklyn, is writing a new piece for the orchestra.....

All of the concerts in the 2013-14 season will take place on Sunday afternoons at the new time of 2 p.m."​

Susanville Official Website

First Prize - Susanville Symphony 2013 Competition

Congratulations are in order to the winners in each of the following categories:

25 years of age and under First Place: Ian Ng: Cite` en l`air | Second Place: Frej Wedlund: Tenebrous Enigma Honorable Mention: Keane Southard: Carousel Ian Ng

May 19, 2012

Culture Map Houston

First Prize - International Robert Avalon Composition Competiton

What's this item about? What Other winners in the junior high school division include Zachery Detrick and Dara Li; in the high school division is Christopher Poovey; in the university and emerging artist category are Ka Chun Ng, Alexander Winkler (a student of Rob Smith at Moores School of Music) and Youn-Jae Ok, and in the professional group is also Geoffrey Gordon.makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Feb 18, 2012

The World Dances

Quotes from the NY City Center night

Ian Ng

What are some of the challenges of composing for a dance project?

“As a composer, all of my works are my babies. To chop the score down by almost half (to 7 minutes, from the original 12) was hard! But…it’s Marcelo Gomes! So it was a huge honor, and also, it’s a collaboration. We worked together, and at the end, I thought it was really good.”

What changes in the music when the dancers become involved?

“I had originally worked with my own language, but there are physical constraints for a body dancing. For example, a grand battement takes a certain amount of time to execute, so the music at that point can’t have a super fast tempo.”

Feb 14, 2012

New York Social Diary

'Creating the Dance' - New York Social Diary

American Ballet Theatre’s principal dancer Marcelo Gomes gave a rare look into how choreography is created with the help of ABT dancers Stella Abrera and Alexandre Hammoudi, on Monday February 4th in the studios of City Center at an evening called “Creating the Dance with Marcelo Gomes”, a benefit for Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP).


This rare and fascinating peak into the collaborative process was moderated by Barbara Brandt and including composer Ian Ng, and musicians Dimitri Dover and Charles Yang. A spirited informal cocktail party with all the performers followed

Apr 29, 2012

Oberon's Grove

Review on "Toccare"

Marcelo Gomes (would that he had danced!) choreographed a movement-rich duet for his ABT colleagues Misty Copeland and Alexandre Hammoudi. Entitled Toccare, the pas de deux is set to a colorful contemporary score by Ian Ng, played live by the adorable-punk violinist Charles Yang and pianist Dmitri Dover. Misty and Alexandre make a radiant pair, and the ballet was further enhanced by huge black-and-white still images of the two dancers projected on the back wall. The images, by Jade Young, were so striking that they might have over-shadowed the dancing; but Marcelo, Misty and Alexandre made sure the whole performance was finely integrated. Bravi tutti!

Jan 17, 2012

BWWDanceWorld by dance.

Creating the Dance with Marcelo Gomes

Marcelo Gomes will demonstrate the dynamic process of creating choreography alongside Barbara Brandt who will be the moderator for the evening. Guests will watch the action unfold amongst the composer Ian Ng, musicians Dimitri Dover and Charles Yang, and American Ballet Theatre soloists Stella Abrera and Alexandre Hammoudi.


Endless Inspiration

A PRINCIPAL DANCER of American Ballet Theatre since 2002, Marcelo Gomes has become one of the company’s biggest stars—packing houses with ballet enthusiasts who come to see his energized and poetic (and sexy!) interpretation of roles both new and classic. And though the work schedule is extremely demanding for a ballet star of Gomes’s stature, he somehow finds the time to choreograph, too. In recent years Gomes has created Ami, a piece for two men, set to music of Chopin (premiered at the 2011 gala for Youth American Grand Prix); Tryptich, for three principal ABT women (commissioned by the company for Kevin McKenzie’s 20th anniversary); a dynamic solo entitled Paganini that the dancer performs around the world; and most recently a duet called Toccare, to original music by composer Ian Ng.

Dec 21, 2011

CultureBuzz Israel

Interview with CultureBuzz Israel

Conversing with three guests, all Composers, during the Israel Composers League's hosting of the 30th Asian Composers League's Festival & Conference, 14--20 October 2012.

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